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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses an alternative to the monopoly created by the large merchant processing companies.  To do this, we have developed a proprietary Web3 gateway and checkout platform that bridges the gap between brick and mortar business with the ever expanding crypto industry. Our platform allows businesses in every category the ability to accept over 1,000 tokens, including micro tokens that are often overlooked.

Businesses both large and small can now harness the power of crypto.  No longer will a company have to wait 3-10 business days for money to post to their accounts.  Our platform pays in real-time allowing a business to manage their own wallet and either hold the tokens in like-kind or convert to fiat.  The choice is 100% theirs.

Our set up process is very simple and takes less then 5-minutes to complete.  To learn more about our platform, please visit 

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